Digital youth program image

My innovative program is designed for youth aged 13-15 to introduce them to the digital world, starting with the basics and progressing to advanced skills and technologies. The goal is to provide both career orientation and education, while also promoting positive social behavior. Here’s what the program includes:

  • Basic digital skills: Starting with the fundamentals of using technology, such as computer navigation, typing, and file management.
  • Advanced digital skills: We then move on to more complex topics such as programming languages, web development, and digital marketing.
  • Career orientation: I provide information on various career paths in the digital world, including IT, graphic design, digital marketing, and more.
  • Social media and gaming awareness: I educate youth on the advantages and disadvantages of social media and gaming, while also promoting responsible behavior and awareness of the risks of addiction and various web dangers.
  • Interactive learning: The program is designed to be interactive and engaging, with hands-on activities and projects that encourage participation and collaboration.
  • Balanced environmental & social life: I promote a critical thinking healthy behavior and provide recommendations for maintaining a balanced environmental & social life both online and offline.

Through this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, I believe that providing youth with a solid foundation in digital skills and environmental & social behavior is essential for their success in the modern world. Contact me to learn more about my programs and how it can help the youth in your community.